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Peacock Cafe

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Monday – Thursday 11am – 10pm
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As I was telling a friend recently, I just don’t understand the point behind brunch.  The concept of mixing breakfast and lunch strikes me as unnecessary; personally, I rarely, if ever, have the urge to mix the two.  Usually, it’s just one or the other.  But nonetheless, as irony would have it, this week’s review is that of Peacock Café.  Located in Georgetown – and recommended by most everyone I know – would Peacock Café make me rethink my antagonism towards brunch?  Yes and no.

In terms of food and the flavors that embody each dish, Peacock Café scores high marks.  After an inner tussle over what to order, I finally landed on the Corned Beef Hash with two poached eggs and Peacock Hollandaise sauce.  Expecting a relatively medium sized dish that mirrored the elegance of the dishes ordered by the others at the table, I was overcome with gluttonous bliss when I saw the monster in front of me.  Small greasy pieces of corned beef hash sizzling with finely cut shards of onion were enveloped in poached eggs.  The thick yoke, when called into use, added a new dimension to the dish that turned it into something bordering on breakfast stew.

Peacock Cafe

The beef hash was, at times, overpowering.  So much so, that the Hollandaise sauce was lost in all of the commotion.  Moreover, the dish was very filling.  I love eating but even this was too much to handle.  Add in the fact that at one point the dish got cold, it became a Man vs. Food scenario except no t-shirts or cheering crowds were involved.

The flavors were robust and musky.  Embodying the blue-collar aspect of the recipe, the corned beef strikes a consistent tone with singular zests that never reach.  After the first bite, you know what to expect but you still go in for more, wanting to relive an experience you know all too well.

Aside from being utterly stuffed after finishing the meal, I must say that I began to understand brunch.  I began to see why people enjoy this meal so much and why it’s made into an event.  Yet, I still cannot say I’m a fan.  Yes, the corned beef hash was amazing but it’s not a dish that I would look forward to.  The concept of brunch is lost on me but if you’re one of the raging many who swear by brunch – and there are many of you – go to Peacock Café.  And even if you’re like me, go anyway.


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