Wow, this week’s submitted Ask a Staffer‘s questions were… interesting, but good! I wonder if someone’s been watching The Ides of March? On to the questions!

Ever caught your boss in a compromising situation? if so, what would you do?

Like banging an intern, page, or somebody who is not his spouse? No. Nothing like that for me, I’ve been lucky to have (as far as I know) impeccable bosses who love their spouse and family more than they do Congress and power.

I have witnessed my boss make a big error in front of a reporter, but that was more of a gaffe than something compromising.

I don’t envy the staffer who walks in on some spicy Congressional coitus — you’re either gonna a.) get pressured to not say anything b.) get fired or c.) you’re gonna spill the beans and potentially ruin your career. Not many good options result from overtly knowing such information.

I am currently looking for a job on the hill. Is there any difference between working in the Senate and the House? I gather from my few informational interviews that the House seems like a place to move up quick but the Senate seems better for the resume.

Take it from me, I’ve done both and found that whatever you choose first will typically be what you tend to like more. I’ve had friends who worked in the House and finished in the Senate, they’re House proud and loyal. Friends who start in the Senate and go to the House remain Senate snobs.

Before you get a taste of either, they are very different animals. You are right that you will be able to move up more quickly in the House, but even with the promotion and better title, you will lack the power of a Senate staffer. I know a lot of people who left their House LD job to be Legislative Assistants on the Senate side. What looks good on your resume depends on your career track and what your trajectory is. However, more often than not, the Senate is way better for your resume. “I’m sorry, Congressman who?”

The House will be a little bit more hellish on your personal life than the Senate. So if you want to get a law or grad degree, pick the Senate.

A friend recently came across a very comely and drunk female lobbyist bragging about how she might have a late night hookup. In her drunken stupor, she allows said friend to see who it is from which turns out to be a Member of Congress who is supposedly happily married with children. My friend is from the other side of the aisle of the MOC. What should he do? This MOC’s vote could be instrumental in key legislation. Mum’s the word or an anonymous call to certain newspapers?

Did you just watch the The Ides of March? Wait, you mean that these guys are interested in the constantly changing pool of usually attractive women? Say it ain’t so! (I had to break out my dictionary because I forgot whether comely meant hot or ugly.) I actually think I know the guy you’re talking about, his name rhymes with, well, I’m not going to say it. Funny you mention it, a girl I went on a few dates with said that a certain married Member used to call her and want to hook up. She played it off like she never did anything, but I have good reason to believe otherwise. Seems that I, too, was involved in the Ides… Anyways.

So, what should you do? Let’s assume you contact a newspaper, you essentially have to choose sending along gossip as hearsay, or out people you know. Your call good buddy. The good news is that they pretty much always get caught someday, so if you don’t want to get dirty in this round, the philanderer will probably get caught eventually. It could also be the case that your friend is just a liar. Girls don’t lie about that stuff, do they?

Thanks again for your questions. Got something to ask me for next weeks column? Submit them here or add in the comment section below.

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