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Dear Posh and Political,
This was quite a heavy legislative week for the House. Watching all the floor activity made me wonder–who would you consider to be the top 5 best dressed Congresswomen? My member could certainly use a few tips, so any stylista suggestions would be much appreciated.
– Concerned Staffer

Concerned Staffer,
Despite the many fashion violations that occur on the House floor, there are a few members who manage to look hot on the regular. While there are some that deserve honorable mention for pulling out occasional stunning looks, these fabulous 5 deserve major kudos for their outfitting expertise. Here goes:

Top 5 Dressed Congresswomen

Marsha Blackburn

Marsha is the definition of Southern charm. Always looking on point, she knows what flatters her body and goes for it. Her silhouette and color choices give her a feminine yet smart look and her accessories are fun yet tasteful. She also masters good tailoring, which is tres important to achieving a put together look. Snaps, girlfriend!

5 Best Dressed Congresswomen

Terri Sewell

Fun and fabulous surely describe the Alabama Congresswomen Terri Sewell. Her suits never cease to amaze, especially her go-to bright hued options that allow her to stand out from the crowd but still be taken seriously. She never seems to leave home without her strand of pearls, which add a necessary classic and super Southern vibe. Roll tide for sure!

Michele Bachmann

While some may call her style predictable, Michele knows how to add excitement to her look without being over the top. Classic to a tee, she invokes timeless femininity. Bottom line, Michele can always be counted on to deliver a low effort, coordinated look.

Frederica S. Wilson

The one and only Frederica S. Wilson epitomizes a bold to the max attitude. She deserves much credit for her willingness to step out of the box with all of her wild wardrobe decisions. Best known for having a hat to match every outfit, she rocks everything with confidence and assurance—and pulls it off in a way that most certainly could not. Keep making Florida proud Frederica!

Mary Bono Mack

Aside from being incredibly easy on the eyes, Mary wears everything with suave and sophistication. She sticks with timeless, well-fitting pieces that manage to be super figure flattering yet appropriate. Her fabric choices are rich and elegant, as are her delicate yet stand-out accessory choices. Quintessentially California, Mary is always a welcome face on the Capitol Hill scene.

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