8 Metro Riders We Love to Hate

DC’s metro is ranked #2 busiest transit system in America. It provides transportation for practically everyone in the area. In fact, WMATA metro transports 762,653 people daily/each weekday (594,521 daily average in 2011). That’s an estimated 208 million riders annually!

In it’s honor, we have put together a list of the 8 types of metro riders we love to hate. Let’s be honest, we have all been guilty of the titles:

#1 – The Doorman

Metro Riders
You all know that one person who will not budge out of the doorway. They have planted a flag and refuse to move. The train is 73 feet across! That’s plenty of room to shuffle around in and make room for other riders! Do not chose the worst spot near the door. K? Thanks!

#2 – The Hoarder

Simply put, they bring too much stuff on the Metro. Rent a zip car already, the Metro is not your sherpa! I am not talking about the weary traveler going home from the airport. I am talking about those riders that decide to bring a week-long camping trip’s worth of stuff for the “arduous” journey from Farragut North to Dupont.

#3 – The Packer

This rider will push his or herself into a metro when it is clearly packed. He/She cannot wait one minute for the next train and instead decides to risk a limb to smash into a packed Metro car. Not to mention they see other metro riders in front of them barely making it safely into the car (especially during rush hour). Patience is key kimosabe!

#4 – The Musician

This DJ blasts his phone. Dude, get some ear phones! Please just don’t blast Lil Wayne from your shrill iPhone speakers! Here are some cheap earphones. You’re welcome.

#5 – The Multitasker

We admire the ability to multitask and we hope you are able to explain this very useful skill in a job interview. But please shave your face/legs, clip your finger nails, and change your pants prior to departing your residence. Unless it’s no-pants day, in which this is acceptable and we applaud you.

#6 – The Pole Rider

When you spoon the pole or hug it like your first-born, no one else can use it, and short people who can’t reach the stupid little straps along the top bar start falling like dominos. This affects everyone.

#7 – The Talker

This rider willfully inflicts an involuntary conference call with 30 of their not so closest friends. The script generally goes something like “hello… are you there? hello?”.

#8 The Occupier

Taking up two or more spots so nobody can sit next to them. We thought the occupy movement was about inclusion?

BONUS: #9 – The Senator

Congressional seal of approval!

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