So you see a hottie in the hallway of Rayburn and deliberate over whether to move in for the kill. As part of your analysis, a little piece of you is no doubt debating which political party said hottie reigns from. (You do work on the politically charged Capitol Hill, afterall). This poses the all-important question: Is it possible to determine whether someone is a D or an R simply by glancing at their ensemble? With some exceptions, here is a simple guide to ascertaining political affiliation in ease. In and out of session. Happy hunting!

xoxo, Posh and Political


Likely to look like they have stepped out of a J. Crew catalog, a Republican will most likely be dressed obnoxiously preppy whether in or out of session. Possibly to a nauseating extent. Both sexes prefer tortoise shell accessories. And anything argyle. The men have cookie cutter Ken doll haircuts, and are decidedly frat-tastic. And the women mostly sport long locks and totally done up faces. Look for these tell-tale wardrobe staples:

Men: bowties, ties featuring large stripes or patterns, belts boasting preppy prints (likely with tiny animals, anchors, or similar graphic), boat shoes or loafers, wayfarer sunglasses, polo shirts, classic cut khakis, pastels, colored shorts and pants

Women: pearls or other statement necklaces, dresses/skirts, Palm Beach color palates, bright prints and hues, Longchamp bags, cable-knit fabrics, bows, heels in session and leather sandals out of session (probably Jack Rogers)



Expressive and unique in their fashion choices, a Democrat is not afraid to step out of the box when it comes to appearance. Which can sometimes be good and sometimes be bad. Democratic men go for more unkempt stylish cuts and longer hair lengths. Females tend to be either bold or boring—some rock shorter and more experimental haircuts and colors. Others go for totally bland, ordinary locks and minimal makeup. Facial piercing and tattoos are commonplace. More specifically, keep your eyes peeled for the following:

Men: nontraditional suit tones such as green and brown, form fitting pants and trendy trouser cuts (often skinny legged if out of session), Converse sneakers, messenger bags, solid ties in skinnier cuts, sleek leather shoes, aviator sunglasses

Women: pantsuits, subtle earthy colors, either fun bohemian accenting (such as turquoise, feathers) or delicate jewelry, low heels or flats, mature muted prints, sneakers when in recess, reusable eco totes, cardigans, casual/comfortable fabrications

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