Q: Posh and Political,
I’m new to the Hill and recently heard about “Seersucker Thursday”. Can you clue me in on this phenomenon? And tell me how to effectively pull off the look?
 -Call Me Clueless


A: Call Me Clueless,

I would love to enlighten you. In Congress, seersucker isn’t just for the southerners. “Seersucker Thursday” was allegedly initiated by former Senator Trent Lott as a way to stay cool in the ridiculously heavy D.C. humidity. It starts around the third or fourth Thursday of June and is practiced by both men and women. Added bonus? It’s a way for members to bond, bipartisan style. 

Word to the wise? Rock with caution, as not everyone can pull off the look. See below for tips on looking fly in this lightweight fabric. And consider yourself informed.

xoxo, Posh and Political


Swag suggestions:

  • -Keep it PG & wear light colored undergarments–the fabric can be see through under certain lighting!
  • -Tailor, tailor, tailor as fit is king in seersucker–avoid a loose, pajama look or a tight, European vibe as the fabric is designed to appear relaxed
  • -Make the color of your first suit blue, as it’s most classic–if you get raving reviews, then consider adding red/green/yellow variations to the mix
  • -If you are fully clad in the fabric, white buck shoes or saddle oxfords are the most appropriate footwear choice–avoid solid brown or black
  • -Keep your button-down white or light blue

Photo credit: washingtonpost.com

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