DC offers one of the more diverse selections of truck food in the US. From Laotian food to Vietnamese, to Caribbean, to classic American BBQ, to small pies, to cupcakes, to ficelles (ends up being just a sandwich… Kind of a letdown), to grilled cheese, to burritos, you can find basically any sort of food you want to find, provided you’ll go far enough to get it. Don’t know where to find your favorites? Go to FoodTruckFiesta.com and map it out. Here are some of our favorite DC Food Trucks.

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Fojol Brothers

Twitter: @fojolbros
Yes, at the tops of everyone’s list, but for a reason! We prefer Fojol’s Indian truck (though they do have an Ethiopian alternative). Less than $10 scores you either butter chicken or curry chicken with two sides, which on any given day could be yellow lentils, pumpkin, spinach with cheese, or others. One of the first trucks in the area, this DC staple is widely available, and always a safe bet.


DC Food Trucks - CapMac
Twitter: @CapMacDC
A Mac n’ Cheese truck, heck yes! Especially good on one of these days you bring that sandwich you packed last night so you wouldn’t spend money again on lunch, and yet, your friends are going to the trucks, you say you’ll go but you won’t buy anything, and you eat your whole sandwich on the walk there and somehow the mozzarella and lettuce sandwich isnt doing it for you, and then, you see it. Like a beacon in the night. $6 for a bowl with cheddar cheese Mac, pimento peppers, and Cheez-It crumble. Feeling extra hungry? $10 scores you a BLT GoatMac, goat cheese Mac topped with bacon, arugala, and cherry tomatoes. Can’t be touched.


Twitter: @KOrengy
For this writer, if he were Carly Rae, and Korengy were the boy from the music video mowing the lawn, there would be no maybe about it — we’d be egging for him to call us, waiting by the phone every waiting minute, I mean, he’s going to call, right? Anyway, the same founder of Yellow Vendor brings us what we think is a superior Korean truck experience. The choices are simple: Bulgogi (beef) in spicy sauce or regular, or chicken (same choices). You can also get a combination. Meats comes in top of either bibimbap (carrot, mushroom, radish, broccoli, sesame oil, soybean sprout and red pepper paste) or japchae (carrot, mushroom, broccoli, sweet potato noodle, rice, and sesame oil). There is lots of food here, so come hungry, and at $8, it won’t break the bank. Try it, maybe.

Basil Thyme

DC Food Trucks - Basil Thyme
Twitter: @BasilThymeDC
Exquisite Italian food truck that will transport you back to Tuscany (or at least that movie you watched once). You should try all four types of lasagna (especially the Guiseppe, made with real black truffle, gorgonzola and portobello). Lunch combos are $12, and with pasta dish (they also have a rotating homemade pasta of the day – today’s was manicotti) it also includes side salad, cannoli, and drink. One of the best draws for this place is the service — when you gotta be back at your desk in 20 minutes, this is your truck. Just don’t be prepared to walk too fast after eating!

Lemongrass truck

DC Food Trucks - Lemongrass
Twitter: @LemongrassTruck
Vietnamese food truck provides one of the more exotic additions to the food truck choices in the city. Try the Banh Mi, which comes on a French baguette or in tacos with chicken, slow-roasted pork, or tofu, with pickled carrots, daikon radish, cilantro, jalapeño peppers, cucumbers and homemade mayo. For a drink, grab a bubble tea and float away during your lunch break (along withyour taste buds).

Then there are those we’d like to see.

Choco-Taco truck – Actually amazed this isn’t one yet.
Choco-Taco Truck

Combination Honeydukes/Wonka’s factory truck – who wouldn’t want a

Chocolate Frog, a pack of Bernie Bott’s, or gum that is a full-course meal

DC Brau truck – because Monday at noon is never too late to start your weekend.

Enjoy our review of DC Food Trucks, check out other food articles!

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