This week’s column comes from my burning need to address a widespread fashion crime that is being committed all over Capitol Hill. The horrifying offense I speak of is…. drumroll please…. commuting in sneakers. Yes, SNEAKERS. Or tennis shoes if you will. As unbelievable as it sounds, this happens on an everyday basis in Washington. Simply put, it is not ok. For any reason.

Disciples of the sneaker movement claim comfort as the justification for their footwear selection. As far as I can tell, this is the only legitimate reason one could have relating to the issue. Applying a pro-con model as any logical being does, the reasons not to wear tennis shoes while walking to work win out to an overwhelming extent. Though the list could go on, here are a few of the most obvious:
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  • They look utterly ridiculous and demode with business attire: there is no way to sugarcoat this universal truth–and nobody that can pull off this outfit combination
  • You are not headed to the gym: if your walk to work is strenuous enough to require sneakers, you may want to consider public transportation–the D.C. humidity effect isn’t a good look on anyone
  • Other viable options exist that are just as comfortable: flats do the job just as well–think ballet slippers, Toms, open-toed flats, etc. etc.


If you weren’t aware that this is a major fashion faux pas, not to fret. I write this article not to offend or put down anyone currently engaging in said unsolicited sneaker wear. This is simply my opinion on what I feel is a heinous fashion crime. It is my hope that all the sneaker sinners out there realize the error of their ways, and repent accordingly by donning another shoe option the next time they step outdoors.

Stay tuned for my next article Friday!
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