Here are some ways to determine if you’ve become a Washingtonian. How many can you check off?

1) When you find any excuse to get out of visiting your friends that live in Virginia.

17 Ways You Know You've Become a Washingtonian

2) When you refer to your home state as “The District”.

17 Ways You Know You've Become a Washingtonian

3) When you instantly get angered by someone standing on the left side of the escalator. Walk Left, Stand Right. RAGE!

4) When you keep the one weird friend around just because they have has a car.

5) When you won’t go to H street because it’s “just too hard to get to”.


6) Ikea is no longer an excuse to visit Maryland.

17 Ways You Know You've Become a Washingtonian

7) When you’re on a first name basis with the neighborhood homeless person (R.I.P Pete).

8) When you learn how to avoid the clip-boarders… “Can I ask you one question” – “No! Stranger Danger”.

9) When you know exactly where to stand for the metro doors.

10) When you have figured out how to find a cab after hours in Adams Morgan. (Before Uber)

11) When you can identify an intern by the inappropriate attire or the color of the badge.

12) When you refer to neighborhoods as “up and coming” or “gentrified”.

13) When you have paid more in parking tickets than your car payment/student loan.

14) When you can name the differences between DC cupcake stores.

15) When you hate people who ride bikes or segways.

16) When you base your morning commute on whether or not Congress is in session.

17) When you don’t flinch at the bar tab, but you flinch at gas prices.

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