Redskins Vs Giants

If yesterday’s tough 27-23 loss for the Washington Redskins to the defending Super Bowl champion New York Giants taught the NFL world anything, it was to watch out for Robert Griffin III (RG3 if you will). Yes, the naysayers will point to the few, yet still present, errors the young quarterback displayed in yesterday’s heartbreaking defeat for Redskins fans everywhere: RG3 had some bad reads, leading to two turnovers, contributing to the team’s total of four in the game. Up until that point the Redskins had five turnovers all season. And prematurely, you have sports blogs and even ESPN analysts asking the ever popular sport’s question, “Come on is he really that big of a deal?” And the answer is quite simply, yes.

When was the last time you saw a rookie NFL quarterback deep in his own territory, on a four-and-10 play, with no receivers in site, make a desperate scramble and complete a 19-yard pass? And in the next play takes the ball himself, sprinting 24-yards past the defenders, reminding us of his 2008 Big 12 conference championship win in the 400-meter hurdles. The play sets up a picturesque, 30-yard touchdown pass by RG3 to an open Santana Moss, silencing the Giants fans at MetLife Stadium. Yeah, my thoughts exactly.

Eli for the win!

RG3 may not be a massive, physical presence on the field, such as a Ben Roethlisberger, but he knows how to run the ball and he can see the field, far better than anyone in his NFL class should. You could almost compare RG3’s style of play to a younger Michael Vick. Both players like to run the ball and use their speed, but RG3 also has the passing game to complement it all, which was evident in yesterday’s game. RG3’s ability to move the offense quickly and effectively up the field, and vision on the field at such a young level had the Giants players even singing his praises. “I’m pretty mad at the football gods for putting him in the NFC East,” Justin Tuck said post game, according to the Washington Examiner.

But alas, RG3 can only run so fast and throw such eye-catching passes to his receivers, until it’s time for the defense to get on the field and do its job. And that’s where the Redskins took a tumble. The first two quarters, the Redskins defense held off Giants QB Eli Manning seemingly well, and was effective overall, allowing RG3 and the offense to continue running the ball. And then seconds after Moss’s heroic touchdown catch that lifted the spirits of Redskins fans everywhere, the Giants offense came back and Manning showed up. Manning launched a 77-yard pass to receiver Victor Cruz, who then ran behind the Redskins defense, which looked to be pretty much caught flat footed, to score a touchdown. Then with the ball back in the hands of RG3 and the offense, the Redskins could have taken it down the field with under a minute left in the game. But Moss, who was just seconds ago the savior, fumbled the ball, ultimately turned it over to the Giants, who then pulled out the win.

Playing RG3 for every play!

So what have we learned? RG3 is a force to be reckoned with, but can’t do it on his own (hello defense), Eli should put Captain Clutch on the back of his jersey, and Moss needs to remember to hold on to the ball.

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