Suits 101: Tailor or Bust

Fact: the impact of a man in a strong suit cannot be denied (for proof, see exhibits A & B below). Not only does it denote power and sexiness, but it adds instant attractation to any male specimen. I think my gf best illustrates this principle when she asks if she’s suffering from suit syndrome in regards to a particular man–a.k.a. is a certain man only good-looking because he is rocking a suit? Would he still be lustworthy after an ensemble change?

Exhibit A: Donald Draper 

Now for the disclaimer. A suit loses all its magical appeal when it fails to be well tailored to its wearer. As staffers all over the Hill are guilty of donning ill-fitting jacket and trouser combos, these basic tenets of suiting are tres necessary for me to expound upon.

Exhibit B: Ari Gold

Rule #1: Floods aren’t kosher in D.C. And especially when they are happening at your pant’s hemline. Your break should hit right @ the top of your shoe’s heel, with no sock showing.

Rule #2: Jacket sleeves should hit in the exact spot where your thumb and wrist connect. No shorter, no longer.

Rule #3: The length of your jacket should = where your knuckles fall when your hands are @ your sides.

Rule #4: When buttoned, your hand should fit comfortably under your jacket’s lapels–after putting a fist in, you should notice strain on the buttons. Not too baggy, not too tight.


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