Hello Washingtonians. I want to introduce myself as the Capitol Couple, the newest advice column contributor for Cloture Club. I have been a long time reader and fan of Cloture Club and recently approached them to write an article on dating and being a couple in D.C. As you know, the website does a great job of telling people what to do for fun or where to meet each other, but I thought Cloture Club could also provide an opportunity to give couples some advice while providing insights into dating, relationships and the wonderful environment that is Washington D.C., so here you go!

A little background about me: I am a young professional from California that moved to DC as many do to work in politics. A distinct difference I have from many young professionals in DC is that I have been in a committed relationship for the past three years with the most wonderful woman, who doesn’t labor in the political arena, but did move here to be with me after a couple of months of us doing a trans-continental long distance relationship.

Many of my DC colleagues have said when I have told them of our three year courtship, “Whoa three years?! I don’t even think I’ve held a job for longer than two.”

In a city where someone my age only has a job for about two years and then seeks another job that is more important and prestigious than the last, why shouldn’t the same be applied to dating?!?!… Since moving to Washington DC, I have come across this reaction more times than I can count. Rather than yell at them “We are in love!” and quote the Notebook, I opt for giving them an explanation that justifies why I choose to stay with my girlfriend for three great years.

capitol couple - old love

How old my friends think I am because we have been together for three years…

Enough about me, let’s get to the inaugural column!

I was lucky enough to receive some great advice from a good friend that I want to share with you. If you want to both impress a date and get a better sense of their personality in different scenarios; take them out to multiple dates/venues within one date.

Taking them to multiple venues allows a couple of things to happen.

First, it impresses the hell out of your date or significant other. Whether you are on your first or 500th date, they will appreciate the effort you make and the thought you put into the special day for them.

And secondly, it gives your relationship a check up.

When my girlfriend moved to DC, I wanted to show her how appreciative I was of her taking the chance to move and to introduce her to the city that I have come to love. To do this, I made a strong effort of combining events that Washington DC had to offer into a fun adventure. I decided to take her on a scavenger hunt during the afternoon that took us around the city so I could show her my favorite sites.

After our afternoon scavenger hunt I took her to a sushi dinner in Chinatown. At dinner we had a few sake bombs (which was my girlfriend’s first encounter with this delightful combo of beer and sake). After our lively liquid filled dinner we went and saw a play and then grabbed some dessert. Most of these events were in the Chinatown/Gallery Place/ Penn Quarter area which made for a fun day without breaking the bank.

Capitol Couple - Sake Bombs

This fun day reaffirmed what I already knew about my girlfriend. She is a blast and very adventurous and open minded. All characteristics I love about her. But for many couples a day like this could explain why you may not be compatible.

For example: Many people especially in DC probably originally met at a bar, club, party or through work/work function. They might have seemed fun when you met and in most cases they were/are fun and are going to be great to date. But taking them on a scavenger hunt date or to multiple venues during one date will give you a chance to find unexplored compatibility or a realization that it was the alcohol or office fumes that caused you to think they were fun to hang out with the first time you met them.

Now I realize that most of you might be thinking that you are a young up and comer and you aren’t here to find the person of your dreams, but hear me out. It would be much more practical to enjoy the company of someone you actually get along with and through this type of date you get to realize what you enjoy in a person. It is better than the alternative: never figuring out what you want in another person and ending up marrying someone who you can’t stand or who is certifiably crazy.

I hope this advice is helpful and you will come with me as we explore the many wonders of Washington DC and how you can use them to your dating advantage. For our next stop we will be looking at unique gift ideas and where you can purchase them.

Happy dating!

–Capitol Couple

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