Our Review of Taco Bamba

Taco Bamba is the latest taqueria to hit the scene in the DC metro area. Created by Chef Victor Albisu, the restaurant serves up a simple menu of tacos and grilled Latin dishes that are predominantly influenced by his Peruvian and Cuban roots. He serves food consisting of only the freshest ingredients. The chorizo and offal are sourced from Plaza Latina, which is a Latin market and butcher shop owned by his mother. Taco Bamba will be opening soon in Falls Church. For the time being you can enjoy his food at his Pop-up restaurant which takes place every Monday at Black Jack through December 17th. I recently had the opportunity to try Chef Albisu dishes at a launch party where his creations were passed as h’orderves. I was thoroughly impressed.


Chef Albisu

One of the most innovative dishes he served was Burnt Avocado Guacamole. It has an interesting cooking process. He takes traditional guacamole ingredients such as ripe avocado, red onion, jalapeno, poblano, tomato and lime and cooks them over a flame. He allows these ingredients to be charred lightly which adds a complex, smoky flavor. This yields a texture that is more creamy and melt-in-your-mouth than the guacamoles you are probably use to eating.
Taco Bama - 3

Burnt Avocado Guacamole

The rest of the h’orderves that night were miniature versions of Chef Albisu’s tacos. I really enjoyed the restaurants namesake, the Taco Bamba. The taco was composed of a cheese stuffed corn tortilla that was filled with generous portions of kobe skirt steak and house made chorizo. The meat is on a bed of grilled guacamole and chicharones (pork rinds) are sprinkled on top to give it a nice, satisfying crunch. Pickled jalapenos are added to the mix to give the taco a little heat.
Our Review of Taco Bama

The Taco Bama

The Kiss Kiss Taco was another one of my favorites. The main ingredient of this taco was pork and beef tongue. The meat had a nice char which made it slightly crispy, while leaving it juicy and succulent inside. There was a creamy Red Chili Aioli in the taco that coated my tongue with every bite. It was a delicious taco through and through.
Taco Bambo - Kiss Kiss Taco

Kiss Kiss Taco

Here is a link with some more information about Taco Bamba at Black Jack. The Latin cuisine is excellent and well worth a try. Happy eating! – Shawn Keeley

Featured photo was taken by Jeff Martin.

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