There is not a week that passes that I am not asked why I believe in synchronicity. C.G. Jung defines it as “a meaningful coincidence of two or more events where something other than the probability of chance is involved.” I wholeheartedly subscribe to this theory because I have personally witnessed it in action in my personal life, and I have seen it play out on numerous occasions with my clients, family, and friends.

How many times has the exact right person shown up in your life at the exact right time to help? How often have you been amazed at the coincidence or had the feeling that the strangest thing happened that could not have been predicted which helps you on your journey? Some would say that these events are coincidences, but I challenge those to consider another possibility: synchronicity.

In my mentoring practice, I have seen it occur when a client decides to move out of their comfort zone. During this period, they are more open to experience vulnerability and take the risk to grow and become “whole” (these steps are neither successes or failures – they are merely steps). To venture in unfamiliar space, they are facing fears of uncertainty, losing security and most certainly giving up a great deal of control. They have the blind trust that what they are doing is right and the faith that they will succeed.

If they are on their right path, synchronicity enters their life.

If they are on their right path, synchronicity enters their life. They may get a phone call from someone they had forgotten; a stranger will appear to help; what they thought was lost is found. All of these “accidents” are for one purpose: to help them proceed on their mission. Synchronicity is a gift from outside ourselves that for the most part we don’t understand. We live in a culture of reason, skeptics, and control and when something happens outside of that control and logic we try to fit it in a box of what we know or label it as ironic.

In 2000, I was trying to deal with my impending divorce. I wasn’t dealing with it well and a close friend suggested that I get away to a place where I could lose control and let go. A few days later I decided to go to Santa Fe, New Mexico, with no itinerary and only a place to stay. Each day I awoke, pointed the car in a direction, and drove until I got lost. That week if I could dream it, it happened! Events happened that I could not explain: I felt totally free with the universe instead of trying to control it. Because I was open and willing to take those steps outside my comfort zone, I received the very things I needed to move on with my life.

One of the treasures I brought back from New Mexico was a Zuni wolf fetish (a gift from the Zuni Indians that was sacred and therefore as a gift I considered special) One month after the trip, I was sitting with a friend at Bistro Bis showing her that Zuni wolf fetish and within a minute, a Native American woman approached our table and immediately started rubbing the stone wolf! My friend remarked what a coincidence that she was there at that exact time. The woman without pause said that in her native language there is no translation for “coincidences” because there are no accidents. Again, synchronicity!

A wise man once asked me the following question, “What if when you die you were placed in a dark room and when the light came on, you were in front of a mirror? The image in the mirror was the person you could have become in life if only you would have taken the invitations given to you and accepted the help from the people presented to you by the universe.” I believe that synchronicity has a great deal to do with these invitations and it comes when we are on or close to our right path and willing to have enough faith and hope to move outside our comfort zone to reach our destiny. That’s why I believe in synchronicity and my hope is that my clients will grasp the concept.

Arnie Thomas is President & CEO of A Thomas Group LLC. He mentors, consults on client services, relationship management, leadership development, strategic consulting, and professional speaking. For more information or to set up a consultation, please email him at

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