Every time the season changes and you rotate your wardrobe, the question of “Can I wear this to work?” comes up. Each season brings its own challenges for navigating work-appropriate outfit choices, particularly if your office is business casual or more flexible. Like it or not, winter has officially descended upon Washington, which means a whole new world of possibilities for things that are, and are not, work appropriate.


Leggings are not pants, especially not in a work setting. While you may sport this look outside of the office, it is generally not appropriate to wear leggings without a dress or skirt over top. Also, put on tights whenever you wear a dress or skirt.

A business casual dress code is usually much easier to navigate this time of year, but keep in mind that even sweaters should be professional and tailored, not overly slouchy. Also, Ugg-style boots and rain boots are not appropriate footwear for most offices, so keep a pair of shoes with you or under your desk and commute to and from work in your boots.

If your office requires business-professional dress, there are definitely a few ways to stay warm, and stylish, in your suit. Try adding a scarf or wear a long sleeve blouse underneath. Wear you skirts and pants suits with boots instead of pumps – they will keep your legs warm and allow you to incorporate a fall style into your work wardrobe. Just make sure your boots are professional and tailored, not overly worn and casual.


If you are looking for ways to insert some fall style into your work wardrobe, try layering. A collared shirt and lightweight sweater can look great under a jacket. Also, change up your typical suit. Try a tweed jacket or sport coat, or layer with a vest.

For business casual environments, stick with tailored sweaters, not pullovers or fleeces. Be mindful of your outerwear as well. If you are dressed in a nice suit, don’t ruin it by putting a fleece or sweatshirt over top. A nice coat is a great investment and definitely completes a professional winter look.

Also, when inclement weather hits, don’t ruin your best loafers walking through the snow! Invest in a pair of show boots and a bag for your dress shoes.

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