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Cloture Club was lucky to attend Wreck-It Ralph screening a few weeks ago. Wreck-It Ralph is a movie about a video game character who is tired of being the bad guy and decides to try his luck in other games in hopes of being a hero. Walt Disney productions did a great job capturing the friendly old-school charm of video games for the older crowd while keeping it entertaining for the young ones.

In a classic 8-bit style universe, Wreck-It-Ralph will bring the arcade generation back to their childhood. Back when graphics were low-resolution and the pride of getting a high score meant everything. It will remind you of the sound the quarters made as they dropped into the machine and the nostalgia of of the bright lights of the low resolution screen in front of you.

Part of the fun with Wreck-It Ralph is the multitude of old games and characters that play cameos throughout the movie. Some of those characters include the Paperboy, Q*Bert, Sonic the Hedgehog and even the Street Fighter characters.

Wreck It Ralph Review - Bad Guys

Ralph with other Bad Guys.

The real stars are the characters from the game Fix-It Felix. Fix-It Felix is a game that was very similar to the old school Donkey Kong/Super Mario. Felix is equipped with a magical hammer and has one job to do and that is fixing Ralph’s destruction. After 30 years of doing the same routine, the film’s main character Ralph grows tired of being the bad guy and decides to become a hero. For Ralph to become a hero he must win a medal to prove his worthiness as a good guy. The only way to get a medal and become a hero, Ralph has to venture into other games and his adventure ensues.

John C Reilly (Step Brothers) provides the voice of Ralph. Comedian Sarah Silverman plays Vanellope, his unlikely sidekick. Jack McBrayer (30 Rock) is the voice for Fix-It Felix, and lastly Jane Lynch (Glee) is the voice of the soldier Calhoun.

Cloture Club gives Wreck-It Ralph 3 stars, out of 5. It’s a great film for all ages, families and the old (and new) gamer inside of you.

Wreck It Ralph Trailer

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