13 Perfect Holiday Gifts for Him

Shopping for a man can be frustrating – how many men do you know who give you hints? We thought we’d cut through the guessing game and provide a few suggestions for the holiday season! Here is our list of 13 Perfect Holiday Gifts for Him!

Cigars of the Month Club

Perfect Holiday Gifts for Him
Up to 4 to 8 cigars a month from respected labels, CigarsInternational.com delivers to your door every month for a cheap price of $20/month. Not bad for the lover of cigars.

Jabra Solemate Speaker

The Jabra Solemate is a go-anywhere, do-anything portable speaker with massive sound that lets you share your music everywhere. Sing in the shower? Need music when you visit Dewey beach? Wherever you go this is a good bluetooth speaker system. $193

Whisky Stones

whisky stones
Chances are that the person you are dating likes whisky. These rocks help keep your drink cold, but not watered down. An affordable gift for someone who usually hard to buy for. Toss this with a bottle of their favorite whiskey or scotch and you’ll have one happy camper. Whiskey Stones – $22

8oz Flask with a built-in shot glass

Speaking of booze hounds, this flask is perfect. Hate paying for $9 beers at Skins game? Why not hide it under a few layers (not that we suggest you do it!). But this is a perfect gift. 8oz Hip Flask with a Built-in Collapsible Shot Glass – $25

Dollar Shaving Club

Perfect Holiday Gifts for Him
No need to cringe when buying Gillette Fusion packages anymore ($21 really?)! This cheap and efficient monthly service will send you a pack of 4 blades every month for the low price of $1,$6 or $9 (platinum plan). As they claim: “No more over-paying for fancy brand name shave tech.” Can we give this more than 2 thumbs up?! DollarShaveClub.com

Samsonite Columbian Leather Flapover Brief Case

Briefcase for Men
Most of you work in Washington DC, so it’s time to act “grown up”. Whatever that means. Until we determine how to be one, lets at least pretend. Check out this nice looking brief case. Around $100

Nike+ Fuelband

nike+ fuelband

Get up you lazy bum!

This little wristband is cool. It tells you when you’re active, or lazy. January is around the corner and everyone will be trying to burn off the “December bender” 15 lbs. This device will tell you if you’re doing it right. It looks cool and techy. The Nike Band will run you close to $200.

Texting Gloves

It’s clear everyone texts and walks but during the cold months it becomes more difficult. These gloves will help you when you need to determine what votes on the floor or where to have the cute intern meet at the bar. Cheap! $11

Roku 2 XS

Roku 2 XS
Ever thought about flipping the bird to Comcast but yet don’t want to lose your entertainment? This box streams live sports, netflix movies, hulu and hbo2go (can game of thrones hurry up with season 3?). This box is worth looking into, check it out! Roku 2 XS 1080p – $89.

Bonus: Please for the love of god, don’t spend more than $10 on a HDMI cable. The cheap HDMI cables from Amazon are EXACTLY the same quality as the Monster $100 cords. So it’s okay to go cheap on this.

iPad Mini

Yeah, it’s a bit more expensive, but it’s SUCH a cool toy. Apple Ipad Mini – $329

Dark Knight Rises Collectors Set

Dark Knight Collectors Set
If you’ve been practicing your gravelly voice for the release of “The Dark Knight Rises,” then surely you need a replica cowl to finish off the impersonation. $39.99

12 month gold membership to Xbox Live

Yes, most of us play Madden, Halo or Call of Duty, but having a gold membership is cheap and a good way for benefits to the xbox realm. With netflix, ESPN! and much more… this is certainly a worth while gift. And only $44 smackers!

Jack Daniels Frank Sinatra Edition

A special edition whiskey available for a limited time, Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select has been created to honor Frank Sinatra’s fifty-year friendship with Jack Daniel’s. After a few rounds of this spirit, you’ll be singing New York, New York in no time. Your local liquor store.

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