2013 Wardrobe Resolutions

With the new year comes the chance to reflect on how to become a better version of oneself. Obvi wardrobe should factor heavily into this evaluation. To strive for a better and more upgraded model of existence (assuming we survive post 12/21), I recommend the following 3 tenets for 2013:


(1) Seek more style inspiration

Even the most fashionable among us need muses–make it a habit to keep up on looks that you aspire to achieve

  • check out fashion blogs on the reg (whether you are male or female)
  • google celebs with enviable style and try to replicate their look
  • save all inspirational pics in a folder on your desktop & review before any shopping trip–> keeping a stylistic focus is key!


(2) Realize that fit is everything

Proper tailoring can make a cheap piece look pricey and an expensive piece look low budget

  • when in doubt about how something should fit, utilize google to find the answer
  • find an experienced tailor–so worth the investment!
  • know what flatters your body type–> even if a style is trending, step away if it doesn’t suit your figure


(3) Confidence is king

Pulling off a risky ensemble requires the ultimate “I’m so major” attitude

  • if you aren’t buying into your own look, why should you expect the same from anybody else
  • everyone needs to practice the “fake it until you make it” mentality
  • exception: this will not work if you are rocking crocs, sweatpants, or commuter sneakers in public (etc. etc.)



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