36 Must Read Articles of 2012

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Best of DC

[list type=”check”]
[li]5 Free Museums[/li]
[li]* 10 Hidden Gems[/li]
[li]Top 10 Essential Apps for DC [/li]
[li]10 DC Websites You Should Know About But Don’t[/li]
[li]10 Ways to Survive DC [/li]
[li]* 8 Types of Metro Riders We Love to Hate[/li]
[li]Where to watch the fireworks[/li]
[li]* 17 Ways you know you’ve become a Washingtonian[/li]
[li] Top DC Concert Halls [/li]

Capitol Hill

[list type=”check”]
[li] * Muppets in Congress [/li]
[li] 13 Unwritten Rules of Interning [/li]
[li] 10 Ghost Stories of the US Capitol [/li]
[li] 10 Political Pickup Lines [/li]
[li] 14 Avengers of Congress [/li]
[li] Top 5 Best Dressed Congresswomen [/li]
[li] Top 5 Best Dressed Congressmen [/li]


[list type=”check”]
[li]Congressman Dan Boren  [/li]
[li]Grover Norquist [/li]
[li] Pauly Shore [/li]


[list type=”check”]
[li] * 31 Faces of Obama  [/li]
[li] 39 Actual and Awesome Super PAC [/li]
[li] 10 Top Movies for Liberals and Conservatives [/li]
[li] Anything written by humorist Andrew Heaton [/li]

Drinking Games

[list type=”check”]
[li] * 1st Presidential Debate Drinking Game [/li]
[li] 2nd Presidential Debate Drinking Game [/li]
[li] 3rd Presidential Debate Drinking Game [/li]
[li] VP Debate Bingo Drinking Game [/li]
[li] State of the Union Drinking Game [/li]

Landing a Job

[list type=”check”]
[li] Thank You Notes 101 [/li]
[li] * Tips for Successful Networking [/li]
[li] How to Follow Up After an Interview [/li]
[li] * Common Resume Mistakes [/li]


[list type=”check”]
[li] Fashion Crime, The commuter Sneaker [/li]
[li] What not to wear Winter Edition [/li]
[li]* Trust: A Key Ingredient to Success
[li]Follow Your Bliss – A Case Study[/li]


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