In no particular order, I present to you my 10 anticipated movies for 2013. It looks to be a year of zombies, super hero’s, reboots, re-reboots, and most important – No Twilight series!

Jack Ryan

As a fan of The Hunt for Red October and Clear and Present Danger series, a new Jack Ryan returns for some terrorism thwarting, patriotic loving, action filled movie. You know you’re going to like it.

Monsters University [June 21, 2013]

As a prequel to the Monsters Inc, Billy Crystal & John Goodman return as Wazowski and Sulley. It’ll be tough for this match the creativity and the emotional resonance of the original, but I have faith in Pixar. [trailer]

Iron Man 3 [May 3, 2013]

Fancy! His new American Patriot armor.

Fancy! His new American Patriot armor.

It’s one of my favorite Super Hero movies. Robert Downey Jr. as the snarky Tony Stark again but with the new villain The Mandrian. Played by Sir Ben Kingsley. This action flick will leave you wishing you were a billionaire extraordinaire with a flying suit. [trailer]

Superman – Man of Steel [Jun 13, 2013]

superman - man of steel
Not to be out done by the success of Marvel Studios, DC is attempting to re-reboot the Superman. We safely assume DC is trying to be like “Avengers” and set stage for The Justice League. [trailer]

The Great Gatsby [May 10, 2013]

The Great Gatbsy
Based on the novel, Leonardo DiCaprio plays the lavish Jay Gatsby. Nothing can compare to the original, this movie has potential or could be a complete disaster. [trailer]

Is this the End [June 14, 2013]

We all enjoyed the pot humor’d Pinapple Express. The same cast reunite to play themselves as “celebrities”. After attending a party, they quickly learn about the Mayan apocalypse. With Celebs poking fun at themselves, this should be entertaining. [trailer]

Pacific Rim [July 12, 2013]

Pacific Rim
I’m a sucker for giant robots and huge monsters. From the looks of it, Pacific Rim will deliver just that. When an alien attack threatens the Earth’s existence, giant robots piloted by humans are deployed to fight off the menace. Godzilla? [trailer]

World War Z [June 21, 2013]

World War Z
Brad Pitt plays your regular United Nations “staffer” who tries to single handily race against time to stop the world from a zombie outbreak. Maybe it was all because of bath salts? Either way, good luck pal. [trailer]

Star Trek – Into Darkness [May 17, 2012]

Chris Pine comes back as Captain Kirk to lead a man hunt to capture a villian set on destroying the world. [trailer]

Anchorman – The Legend Continues

Great Odin’s Beard! Finally the channel 4 team returns to provide us with a well deserved movie. [Trailer]

Honorable Mention: The Hangover 3, The Hunger Games, Fast and Furious 6
Movies i’m not looking forward to: Scary Movie 5, Movie 43

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