Redskins vs Cowboys – The Final Bout for the NFC East Championship

The stage could not be set more perfectly. A rivalry set to be reignited on prime time Sunday night football! The rising rookie quarterback phenom verse the seasoned quarterback trying to stay relevant. The NFC East Championship between Redskins vs Cowboys, the final bout!

This is what fans have been dreaming of ever since RG3 signed with Washington. With their 6th game winning streak, [highlight]the Washington Redskins are leading the division for the first time in 13 years[/highlight]. RG3 is sure to lead the offense with his mix of explosive out of the pocket runs and passing game that opposing teams have yet to completely understand. But there is still that pesky knee issue and if RG3 is at full speed and strength is questionable.

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

And as for Cowboys fans, well they are clinging to the hope of their team being able to do something they aren’t too known for being successful in December. Tony Romo has been connecting in the last few games with receiver Dez Bryant. This could prove dangerous for the Redskins defense.

The result of this game will ultimately fall on how well each respective team’s defense plays. The Cowboys defense has been pretty much to blame for the team’s late game losses. DeMarcus Ware will have his first game back this Sunday after sitting out due to injuries. The Redskins defense has been playing better the last few games, yet it certainly helps them that RG3 is racking up points on the board to provide a nice cushion.

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Can Ware hold off RG3 and will the rest of the Cowboys defense be able to control things?
Will the entire Redskins team come out to play, including the defense, on Sunday?

We’ll soon find out. The game is featured on Sunday Night Football at 8:20 PM, FedEx Field. Redskins verse Cowboys. Stay tuned folks because this could be one for the books.

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