Ways to Spice Up Conversation

Much of the amusement we get in life we make on our own. Some people wear funny hats, others cultivate gambling problems. I like to spice up otherwise rote conversations.

All of the best conversations boil down to “what game is this guy playing?” Because when you play conversation games, you don’t tell the person you’re talking to the rules you just made up. Or that you’re playing a game with them. Figuring that out is all a part of the game.

Here’s how it works: add one fictitious element to the conversation without telling whoever you’re talking to. Proceed from there.

Below are some assumptions I like to work with:


Your friend is pitching ideas for a sitcom you mutually star in.


They are a homicide detective interviewing you, and you are a suspect.


They are trying to convince you to make a sex movie with them.

They are entirely invisible

Andrew Heaton is a pro-democracy humorist. For more insight, visit www.MightyHeaton.com

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