10 Best And Worst Christmas Sweaters Found Online

Now, each holiday season, festive people from all backgrounds throw Christmas sweater parties to compete for the best-worst sweater title. Here is our selection of the Best and Worst Christmas Sweaters Found Online we found online. Some new, some old. Send in your photos and we’ll add them to this page for the world to see!



You voted for President Obama, or you just love the American flag. Why not just be the most patriotic sweater loving, freedom wearing great american!

Your a Gift!

Boy can we see the cheesy lines. Yes, you were god’s gift to men/women. We get it. But can you actually sell the package? Well apparently you can on amazon or craigslist. But that’s neither here or here.

Look-a-Like Santa

Be the ONLY one who actually looks like Santa with this sweater. Bonus points if you put a pillow underneath.

Oh that Rudolph

Rudolph is so cute! He reminds us of your pet Rover. Warning: Everyone will want to pet him.

Robot vrs Dinosaur Sweater

Want to stand out from everyone else? Let the eternal war between Robots and Dinosaurs take place on your sweater and let the world see! Our bet is on Dinosaurs!

Filthy Animal

Filthy Animal
Maybe you’re at a party, or maybe you’re partying home alone? This sweater will bring back some fond memories. Even Macaulay Culkin would be proud of you for rocking this one.

Two’s a crowd but 3’s a party

Crude, but yet hilarious. Need an ice breaker? You’ll be the talk of the party.

Merry Christmas!… in snow

What? It’s not like you haven’t done it before.

If Rudolph had two front teeth

He’d look like this sweater!

Most Expensive Ugly Sweater. Ever!

Seriously. We can’t make this up. If money is no object than show off with the most expensive ugly “designer” Christmas sweater out there. At the low low price of $343, this sweater can be yours!

Still didn’t find what you’re looking for? Here is a full list of Ugly Christmas Sweaters available on Amazon.com!

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