9 People You Don’t Want to Bump Into at Inauguration

We’ve covered the 8 people we WANT to bump into at Inauguration. Here are is our list of people we DONT want to bump into!

Over zealous inaugural volunteer who thinks they have the same authority as the secret service.


The lone Santorum staffer pacing back and forth on the national mall wondering what might have been.


The #1 fan who came to inauguration and really believes hope and change will come in the second term and can’t stop telling you about it.

The Romney speechwriter reciting his own prepared speech behind you at Inaguration.


An artist blocking the only path by selling his homemade obama shirts for $50.


Liberal drum circle celebrating the second coming.


Redneck that is a secret Obama supporter but decided to attend a southern inaugural party.

rednecks for obama

The college kid who quit his job to be on the campaign trail and became disgruntled because he wasn’t offered a job in the white house.


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