A sad day for Redskins, Fans and RG3

This is not how the game was supposed to turn out. Why did they not take out RG3 for good when he was limping? Where was the Redskins’ defense during those 24 unanswered points? What the heck happened to the Redskins’ offense after the first quarter?

Redskins’ fans are asking all of these questions, and then some, in the aftermath of the team’s 24-14 loss to the Seattle Seahawks, in front of a hometown crowd at FedEx field. How did the Redskins appear to have such a commanding performance, putting 14 points on the board, and then let the Seahawks rack up points like they were sharks in a pool game?

The minute that that Redskins were up by 14 points, they should have pushed that running game hard, utilizing Alfred Morris to get even a bigger spread in the score. But after those 14 points, it seemed as if Redskins’ Offensive Coordinator Kyle Shanahan was running things a bit like the “old way”, with the offense being much more readable and the Seahawks defense dominating. And then when Redskins backup rookie quarterback Cousins came in for the injured RG3, Shanahan did not run a single running play.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Washington Redskins

Then you had the issue of RG3. I am about to say something that may get some backlash but bare with me as I explain. The Redskins loss may have one positive aspect for the team and its fans; it will allow RG3 to heal properly. I get that you have a grown man telling the coach, “Hey I’m fine, put me back in,” and that very rarely are NFL players the first to admit when they are injured and need to sit out (your spot on the field = $$).

But, when you have all your eggs in one basket (as Snyder does with RG3), and your franchise quarterback is limping and clearly in pain. I would think you take a little bit more time to make sure the guy is ok, then throw him back in there again, only to get (as we all are re-watching on YouTube) his knee clearly injured even more as his body went one way and leg went the other.

Simply put, the Redskins should have taken RG3 out and kept him out.

I understand that we live in a world of short term results overpowering long term goals, but you have a rookie quarterback that may be the best we’ve seen in a while or ever, and you want to gamble with that? He’s there to play, and he’s ridiculously athletic, but it does not matter how athletic you are, one swift hit to the right spot in an already injured knee and a player will be out.

So while like the rest of you, I am questioning what the heck happened to the Redskins offense after those 14 points, and with that the team’s defense to allow 24 points by the Seahawks, I ask what was the coaching staff thinking allowing their trophy player to go back in clearly too injured?

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