Capitol Couple: Valentine’s Day for Dummies

Valentine’s Day is about adding an extra amount of romance to your relationship.  For people like me, who aren’t the most romantic, this can pose a serious challenge.  For the first few Valentine’s Days my girlfriend and I spent together, I would do the same thing each year which consisted of giving her flowers, chocolates, something shiny and taking her to dinner.  Since I was romantically challenged, it took me a while to figure out how I could create a nice romantic evening that was more specific to her personality and interests.  I learned to pay close attention pay at what she responded to best.  The point of this article is to give you other challenged romantics a little help in making this Valentine’s Day special for the person you love.

Below are a few ideas that will showcase the love and care you have for your significant other!

Georgetown has a new option for a great date that involves ice skating!  The Washington Harbor Ice Skating Rink which has been open since November has open skating on Valentine’s Day from 12 p.m.-9 p.m.  The intimate holding of hands that comes with skating around an outdoor ice skating rink with the Georgetown waterfront as your backdrop can’t be beat.  There are also plenty of options for dinner and we recommend Farmers Fishers Bakers.  The recently renovated space has a huge menu with so many great options (stay tuned for Shawn Keeley the Food Czar’s review of Farmers Fisher Bakers).

Capitol Couple: Valentine's Day for Dummies | Georgetown Ice Skating Rink

For the person whose significant other loves to be swooned by music I suggest going to a restaurant around Dupont Circle such as Obelisk, Al Tiramisu, or Floriana. After dinner head to Café Japon for a fun evening of karaoke.  Even if you have a horrible singing voice, making the effort to make the evening fun will make it a memorable Valentine’s Day.  (Note: taking a Saki bomb or two will give you the liquid courage to sing that 80’s love ballad you know by heart, we won’t judge you)


For a fun and unique opportunity with an added romantic twist try going to the Museum of Crime and Punishment’s Crimes of Passion event.  If someone is comfortable with handcuff jokes, they might like this.   The Crime and Punishment Museum is in PennQuarter/Gallery Place/Chinatown area, where you can find plenty of restaurants that offer a romantic setting.   I am a big fan of Jaleo, Rosa Mexicano, Rasika, SEI, Oyamel, and Ping Pong Dim Sum.   All of these restaurant options have wonderfully crafted drinks and great sharing menus so you can try lots of different dishes.

If you live a little outside of DC, you can’t go wrong in Old Town Alexandria.  There are plenty of restaurants that carry the romantic vibe you want.  I would suggest Restaurant Eve, La Bergerie or Vermillion.  After you finish your delicious meal, head over to the Torpedo Factory to examine the great art and make a Valentine’s Day card for your significant other that they will cherish forever.


Want to feel like a big shot without spending big shot money?  Head on over to the Ukrainian Embassy to have a three course meal and listen to some classical and traditional Ukrainian music.  This event will have you hobnobbing with international policymakers and you will get to see a short film about Ukraine’s history during your meal, I hear Ukrainian history can really put you in the mood.

All of these options will create a very romantic Valentine’s Day.  Please leave any other great ideas in our comment section.

We hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

-Capitol Couple

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