Crimson Tide Cometh

Welcome back sportsfans, Hondo has returned from the Midwest and hopes everyone had a great holiday, overindulged at New Years and most importantly did not stumble over the cliff. Apparently there was a pretty important football game that took place last night but Brent Musburger was too busy eying AJ McCarron’s girlfriend (or Mrs. McCarron herself, she’s not too bad on the eyes either). Regardless of Brett’s I-spy in the crowd or maybe you were looking for the Orange Bowl Mascot Orangey plain and simple, Notre Dame got their butt’s kicked and were nationally embarrassed. The hype for this game was comparable a Rocky title fight, [pullquote align=”right”] Notre Dame got their butt’s kicked and were nationally embarrassed [/pullquote]hell even Rudy made an appearance on CNN and NISSAN just went down in my book having Sean Austin reprise his Rudy character in the Heisman House. The stage was set for the game of ages, some predicted a blow-out, some a ND defensive slug fest and others knew it was business as usual for Crimson Tide. Yours truly predicted a 27-17 ‘Bama win, a few points short of the spread.

While watching the opening of the game, I was curious when I spotted a few things: first, where was Alabama coming from, it appeared as if they made their entrance from Homestead. Secondly, I am pretty sure Alabama brought at least 200 players, staff, coaches, police, boosters on the sidelines and to add insult to injury Notre Dame had to endure this circus storm by. Once the opening kickoff ensued, it was a matter of time before AJ McCarron and Eddie Lacy would begin to pick apart the vaunted Notre Dame offensive, who had not seen an opponent this big, this quick and had multiple weapons to shred them up. Once Alabama got the ground game running (no pun intended) it was only a matter of time that the 44 day layover and southern Florida humidity would take its toll on the Irish.

Crimson Tide Cometh | Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Notre Dame never quite seemed to find their stride until the very end of the game when Quarterback Everett Golson ran an option play that left many jocks of the Alabama scrubs on the ground. It was too late, the damage had been done and the Irish were never able to even scratch the surface of their potential, poor tackling, missed tackles, awful coverage and inability to convert on third downs was all it took. Notre Dame looked sloppy, they had the deer in the headlights look of ‘wow, look at this crowd…where’s touchdown Jesus?’ They may have been ready mentally but physically it was all crimson and crimson all night long.
Notre Dame had a great season, to go undefeated in college football today is a tremendous feat, considering Notre Dame played more ranked teams but struggled against a Michigan team who was humiliated on Labor Day weekend at Jerry World and barely beat a Pitt team who lost to Youngstown state.

To say Notre Dame had not been tested could be a stretch but they were good when they needed to be playing against benders (a cupcake school such as Wake Forest, my ex went there so it’s fair game) and the win at Oklahoma was crucial as was the win against USC but at the end of the day, the other Orange Bowl may have been their game to play or even the Fiesta Bowl. I am no mathematician but any person that says the BCS is a great system should probably get a punch in the nuts. It is flawed; it screws out schools that should be in. Being a former Illinois resident I was happy to see Northern make it, but a snowball rolling in hell had a better chance of making it than them. ACC/SEC have good athletes, they are used to the warm weather and not cramping up in the fourth quarter. The work ethic of Alabama is unparallel, watch this video:

I’ve met the guy, if you want to win you bring this guy in.

In closing, I know I have hinted I was not pulling for the Golden Domers but to see them get destroyed and not show a lot of fight made me put on Varsity Blues on Cinemax. It was also the last BCS game as we move into the playoff format which could be a good or a bad thing. Then again, after the NCAA Basketball tournament there’s not a lot of moaning and groaning about who should be in the big games then again they don’t have corrupt tournament officials taking in wads of cash. I was very amused by my Facebook feed as well last night, I did not know I had so many friends that ‘became’ Notre Dame fans overnight then as Cinderella’s slipper was shattered by the Crimson Tide the bandwagon became lighter and everyone went home safely.

To finish off, I would like to say thank you to the NHL/NHLPA/CBA for getting their act together. My winter would have been depressing knowing all I would be watching is re-runs of the World Juniors, CHL Hockey on NHL Network and NBA Basketball. Welcome back NHL, time to find a spot at the local pub and tune in for some Hockey Night in Canada. Drop the puck

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