As I perused through the 2013 Inauguration pics, I have to say I was more pleased than perturbed. Follow me and my thought process though the style ups and downs of Barack’s big party:


Michelle, I am so aligned with your First Lady vibe. Like sooooo. Not only is that coat perfectly tailored and deliciously rich looking, but your belt adds a magical amount of jazz without being distracting. And the purple gloves are just enough pop. Do I like your new bangs? Still unclear. 


There seems to be something missing from this picture, ladies. Have you ever been introduced to tights? Michelle, a black nylon tight would have been so ideal under that dress–the baggy leggings are doing nothing for your fab figure. Not to mention they are an awkward length and fit when paired with pointy heels. And Mrs. Biden, it is not May and we are not in Palm Beach. Your frock screams sunshine and your legs scream cover us with something outside the nude family.

Jay & Bey–your couple presence never ceases to amaze me. As always, you are gorgeous and glamorous and I want you to adopt me. Understated and elegant, that couture gown paired with mink is too chic to handle–especially with the emerald gems. And Jay, the smart tailored suit and sexy shades are right on trend and occasion. Keep rocking my world.  


 Kelly, though I feel that your purple on purple getup is a bit contrived, Bill Clinton sure seems to be into it. Or maybe it’s the hot girl sitting across from you. 


Mr. President, wow do you look flawless. That classic tux is so appropriate and so major on you.

And Goddess. Goddess. Goddess. Goddess. That’s all I can say right now Michelle.

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