Our Review of Haute Dog and Fries

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Purcellville, VA 20132
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I went to Haute Dog and Fries for lunch in Alexandria this past week to check out their spin on the all American favorite.

I surmise that Haute, which means “high” in French, is intended to be a play on the term haute cuisine and to play on the fact that they are serving one of the most basic American meals.

My experience at Haute Dog and Fries was good, but far from great. In my opinion, the price for the hot dog is rather high based on the size of the hot dog they serve. Apparently hot dogs are regulated by the FDA making it difficult for a restaurant to make their own but I know it is possible to buy hot dogs in larger sizes even in the grocery store.

Haute Dog and Fries - Hot Dog

I will say the quality of the grilled bun they are serve on is quite high and the the toppings you have the option to add are interesting and plentiful. I had the Chicago Dog and it was topped with mustard, hot peppers, relish, diced dill pickle, onions and tomato. I especially liked the celery salt that was sprinkled on top.

Along with my hot dog, I ordered the “Snooki” which is s a fried pickle in a bun topped with spicy coleslaw. It was very tasty.

The chili cheese fries were excellent and they hand cut the fries from Idaho potatoes which came out perfectly crispy. The fries were covered with generous dollops of chili and cheese which made it a rich and satisfying dish.

Haute Dog and Fries - Fries

The only item I didn’t try but I plan to have in the future is their sausage, which is locally sourced from Loudon County.

All in all it is an interesting spot and if you get the hankering for a hotdog and you happen to be in Alexandria it is worth checking them out.

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