Our Review of Jason Statham Parker Movie

January is the month typically slated for “meh” movies and Parker does not break the mold. I had a chance to attend a screening this week, and although it had some moments, nothing was memorable. A few flashy action scenes, a bunch of violence, a predictable plot, and a couple of nice shots of Jennifer Lopez.

Jason Statham follows a character template in his movies, and once again he hits it right on the money. Parker is an impossible to kill thief who is very good at what he does, and makes it look easy. After successfully pulling off a heist, his crew (including Michael Chiklis, Wendell Pierce) tries to persuade him to invest in another heist – one that will make them all rich. But when Parker opts not to, they leave him for dead in a ditch. Now, Parker comes back with revenge on his mind, not for the money, but the principle of it all.

Our Review of Jason Statham Parker Movie

Surprisingly though, the other “names” in the movie were J.Lo and Nick Nolte. They were very underused. Although it is typical of most of Statham’s movies, I felt like there was no point to having them rather than generic actors. J.Lo is billed as a leading role, but wasn’t even introduced until the plot was well under way. Nolte appears in only a few scenes. Chiklis actually fits his character well, mostly due to my image of him in The Shield, but as the main villain, he is not featured in most of the movie. The acting of the movie was actually a semi-positive for the movie since they played their roles as well as can be expected since there isn’t much to work with.

That being said, there are a couple well-directed scenes in the movie, such as the opening, which starts with a big Ohio faire with kids, rides, games pageant and overall jolliness. Once the heist begins, Parker’s character shows off his smooth persona as he calms a security officer out of a panic attack and preventing things from escalating. Unfortunately, this is one of the only well-shot scenes. I knew going into the movie that Parker would be typical Statham movie, and did not hold high expectations. And although I found the plot predictable and entertaining, it did not measure up to some of his previous movies.

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