Happy One Week Anniversary Hinge!


Happy one week anniversary Hinge! Single in DC? You’re probably already talking about the new Hinge Iphone App. But if not, let me explain…

I’d rather lick the metro hand rail all the way up the Chinatown escalator than online date. But, friends of friends? Well, that’s a different story.

 I trust about 80% of my Facebook friends, give or take, and would probably date their contacts. But the last thing on my friend Sarah’s mind is introducing me to her handsome neighbor. I’ve never seen him. She can’t read my mind. Maybe I’d give up my cell phone for a chance to get my hands on Neighbor Steve. How’s she supposed to know that?

Hinge Launch Party at the new 1776 Campus

Hinge Launch Party at the new 1776 Campus

 That’s where Hinge comes in.  Sign up. Get a new batch of friends of friends each day at noon. Neighbor Steve’s Facebook profile picture pops up with some generic information under it. “Steve S. Friends with Sarah M. 29. Lives in Arlington.” Then, Hinge makes up something hilarious like, “Steve’s deal breaker? Cannibalism.” 

I think, “Why has Sarah never introduced me to this beautiful man?” And I give Steve 5 stars.  Hinge tucks him away in my favorites. Then, I’ll secretly appear in his rating queue shortly after. If Gorgeous Neighbor is picking up what I’m putting down, i.e.- if the feeling is mutual- Hinge sends an introduction to both of us.

What we do from there is up to us. And the great part is, if Steve is not interested, and he rates me a 1 out of 5, I’ll never know. Thank God! I’m terrible at rejection…

Hinge Founders, Bennett Richardson and Justin McLeod

HInge Founders, Bennett Richardson and Justin McLeod

Hinge is only based in the Washington area for now, although I have friends in Denver and California who are already rating the ladies of the DMV, in hopes of Hinge going national soon.

According to Bennett Richardson, one of the masterminds behind the app, Hinge already has over 2,000 users, most who access the app daily. Facebook, by the way, only had about 3,200 users- half the student body at Harvard- registered for the site after an entire month post-launch.

 Hinge seems to be working. The app has already made 600 connections this week. Now, don’t you wish you’d downloaded it before Valentine’s Day? Maybe you’d have had a real date scheduled instead of the one that’s planned with Ryan Gosling on your big screen. No, the pizza guy on your doorstep doesn’t count either.

So, that’s Hinge. Go to the App Store. It’s going to be a big deal. No Iphone? Well, that’s a shame, but not to worry; it’s coming to Droid soon.


Photos courtesy of Hinge Facebook Page.

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