Art Soiree: The New Scene to be Seen

In a city where politics run our careers and dictate our personal calendars, Art Soiree’s aggressive burst onto the social scene has Washington applauding the chance to dismount from our hamster wheels, cast the corporate ladder aside for a moment and spend an evening in simple appreciation of local artistry.

Art Soiree’s founders, Sandro and Tati, have successfully showcased over 300 talented, local individuals through visual art, short film, music and literature at over 100 shows in just three years throughout the DMV. But you’ll rarely find them at actual studios and galleries. The term “starving artist” came from somewhere right? Well, this organization steers clear of places that will charge their artists commission and rather works as a freelance promotion company. This avoids the artist having to reach into their often up-and-coming, slim pocketbook to pay others to see their work, when it should be vice versa.

Live Drawing and Body Painting at Art Metamorphosis

Live Drawing and Body Painting at Art Metamorphosis

 Art Soiree has been acclaimed by Yahoo, Washington Life Magazine, and the Washington Post, among many others, making their dream to rival New York as the art capital of the country seem at least somewhat attainable. And the praise keeps ringing true through each new Art Soiree event.  

Body painted frolicking fairies at the annual Midsummer Night’s Dream. New Orleans style jazz at the recent Mardi Gras Masquerade. An upcoming Oscars viewing party, Hollywood style. If one event isn’t for you, wait a minute- more are already scheduled.

Art Soiree Oscars

So, don’t be afraid to delete that networking gig from your Outlook and put the IPad away. We may not be edgy, bearded New York hipsters, but Washington can do art, with Soiree style.

Photos courtesy of Art Soiree’s Facebook Page.

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