The Numbers – Super Bowl 2013 Facts

As Americans, we all know what the Super Bowl means – Go big or Go home! From the tickets, commercials to the halftime show everything is over-the-top. A few of my friends got together to find out what kind of money went into making the Super Bowl so super. Don’t be shocked, but here are our results. Presenting our Super Bowl 2013 facts!

Super Bowl Tickets

Want to go to the Super Bowl? Be prepared to shell out some cash – a lot of cash! Tickets are selling for the low low price of $1600 each to $325,000 for a 30 person suite.

Halftime Show

Super Bowl 2013 Facts

Beyonce gets ready

Like all halftime performers (Janet Jackson + Justin Timberlake, MadonnaAreosmith), Beyonce will get paid $0 for her performance. [Source: Forbes]

Super Bowl Commercials

The average cost for a 30-second Super Bowl ad in 2013 is roughly $3.8 million dollars. [ Source: CBS ]

Snack Time

The Numbers - Super Bowl 2013 Facts
Last year, an estimated $1 billion+ was spent on food. $184 million on potato chips, $40 million on pretzels and – for the health conscious – $12 million on rice cakes (who eats rice cakes at a super bowl party?). If Americans can do one thing well, it’s throw a big Super Bowl party. [ Source: Newser ]

Super Bowl Payout

Aside from worldwide fame, a big ring and the famous Lombardi trophy, Super Bowl winners also receive $83,000! [ Source: ESPN ]

Fear not Tebow, each loser get a messily $42,000 for their attempt.

Stimulate the Economy

An estimated $434 million dollars will pour into New Orleans. We’re talking retail and shopping, Hotel, Food and Beverage, Rental Car and other transportation, and Entertainment. Bling Bling!

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