The Washington Oscars

With tonight’s Tinseltown event, we thought we would award our own Oscars to politicians and pundits. If you have any suggestions, let us know in the comment section below!

Best Actor:

The Washington Oscars
Clint Eastwood. His RNC speech was beyond this world.

Best Supporting Actor

The Washington Oscars
Marco Rubio’s Water Bottle. Became famous overnight.

Best Actress

The Washington Oscars
Hillary Rodham Clinton – After her heated exchange with Sen. Ron Johnson and getting unscathed from the Benghazi incident, This classy lady certainly won title of best actress!

Best Supporting Actress:

The Washington Oscars
The Code Pink Protester – Always with a grand entrance.

Best Musical:

President Obama – singing Al Green’s “Let’s stay together“.

Best Dramatic Performance:

Karl Rove on election night. His disarray was so believable.

Best Costume Design:

Representative Frederica Wilson – Her wardrobe alone is worth this title.

Best Makeup:

Squeeking by, John Boehner for his bronzer. In a close second, Nancy Pelosi. She’s 72.

Best Director:

The person who recorded Romney’s 47% speech. “Nailed” it.

Best Documentary

Washington Oscars
Showtime’s Homeland. Because it couldn’t get any closer than the General Petraeus scandal!

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