Fluffy Thoughts Cupcakes and Sweet Treats Now at Nationals Ballpark

The DC area has a love for its baseball team and no doubt a slight obsession with those delightful little cakes of goodness. So clearly, the obvious next move would be to combine these two delights into one. This is exactly what McLean-based  Fluffy Thoughts Bakery decided to do when it opened up a kiosk at Nationals Park this past spring. A big supporter of DC sports, the bakery opened its store doors in April 2010, selling artistically crafted cakes and cupcakes for all occasions, as well as other equally delectable treats. Years later, the bakery has developed a steady flow of customers and fans alike, wowed by owner Lara Stuckey’s mouth watering creations and unique ability to transform decorate touches on any of her heavenly cupcakes and cakes into works of art.

“I am a huge baseball fan and we were at a game last year and there wasn’t anything sweet other than ice cream and cotton candy,” explained Stuckey. “So we sent over some cupcakes to the head of concessions and the rest is history!” Back in October 2012, after Jayson Werth’s walkoff homerun won the Nationals Game 4 of the National League Division Series verse the Cardinals, Fluffy Thoughts honored Werth the best way they knew how. In cupcake form, of course.  Needless to say, the cupcake flew off the bakery shelves at a rapid pace, and fans have since asked for more!


Photo Credit: Washington Post

At the bakery’s kiosk, located in section 135 at Nationals Park, fans have a choice of Jumbo, Mini, and Gluten-Free Mini cupcakes. For Jumbo, the Red Velvet with Cream Cheese and Oreo Cupcakes are available at every game, in addition to two rotating special flavors. This week’s special flavors include a Strawberry cupcake with fresh strawberries baked inside and a delicious strawberry butter cream, as well as a Teddy Cupcake! This soon-to-be fan favorite has a white cake with vanilla butte cream and chocolate for Teddy’s mustache and hair and fondant eyeglasses. Up next week? You guessed it – red, white and blue swirled butter cream cupcakes.

Photo Credit: Rodney Bailey

Photo Credit: Rodney Bailey

As for the mini six-pack cupcakes, they are offered in regular and gluten free, and include flavors such as strawberry, chocolate, red velvet, carrot, and vanilla. Perfect for sharing and a great way to try out a little bit of everything. The kiosk also offers sugar cookies shaped like baseballs, hats and gloves, red velvet and fudge brownies (these flavors also rotate, with pumpkin, snicker doodle and apple bars offered in the fall) , chocolate chip cookies, and rice krispie treats in plane and drizzled with chocolate and m&ms. Cotton candy and ice cream is looking a bit dull of a choice right now, eh? Pricing for these baked goods will run you $6 for the jumbo cupcakes, $6.50 for the special flavored Jumbo, and $9 a pack for the mini cupcakes, which to a non-resident of the DC area may seem a bit high, but in all honesty this is the price you pay here for some gourmet cupcake action.



A friend and I had the painfully difficult task of trying out the cupcakes. And while normally we’d both opt for a variety of flavors given our investigative duty, we both are chocolate fiends and there were Oreo cupcakes staring us in the face. Done. The chocolate cake filled with cookies and cream milk chocolate ganache was devilishly chocolaty, while the cookies and cream butter cream frosting was the perfect counterpart, with the chunks of Oreo cookie on top adding a delightful sweet crunch. It was a deliciously sweet way to ring in the fifth inning, with beer in hand and a perfect view of the game.


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