Belgium in DC: A Review of B Too

The chef and owner of Belga Café in SE, Bart Vandaele, has just added another epic Belgian restaurant and beer spot to the DC map. B Too, which is located on 14th Street near Logan Circle, was an experience I won’t soon forget…in fact, it’s an experience I plan on repeating over and over again.

B Too DC

The Upstairs, Bar, and Downstairs. Photos Courtesy of

Atmosphere and Service: B Too’s atmosphere differs depending on which part of the restaurant you venture to. The upstairs is brightly lit and mixes modern fixtures with rustic wall décor. The main bar, also located on the upper level, sits about 25 comfortably and is a great place to enjoy a Belgian craft beer and a bite to eat. We sat in the downstairs area of the restaurant for dinner, which was slightly dimmer and very cozy. It’s difficult to describe the downstairs design…it’s rustic, with a mix of wood and brick walls, wood floors, and very comfortable leather seats. Imagine farm house meets modern lounge, it’s a very cool concept!

The service, like that at Vandaele’s Belga Café, is top notch. The restaurant staff is extremely knowledgeable about both the beer and food, and is happy to assist you in pairing an amazing Belgian beer with whatever you order. In addition to beer knowledge, B Too also boasts an impressive wine selection with a designated sommelier.

Selection: In 2009 Vandaele was actually knighted by the “Knighthood of the Brewers’ Mashstaff Knighthood” in Belgium, under the order of Leopold II. This rare honor is bestowed upon a very select few who excel in the promotion of Belgian beers, and Vandaele currently serves as the brand ambassador for Hoegaarden, Leffe Blond, Leffe Bruin, and Stella Artois beers. It is no surprise that B Too has undoubtedly the BEST Belgian Beer selection in Washington D.C. While there are only 12 tap selections at B Too, the all-Belgian bottle list boasts 107 different craft, abbey, Lambic, brut, and Trappist beers. There were beers on the menu that I had never even heard of, including three gluten-free ales from Belgian breweries. Something I was very surprised to see. There beer menu also contains a rotating selection of specials which change depending on availability and season. If you like Belgian beers, I challenge you to find a better selection in DC!

Value: I found both the food and the beer at B Too to be very reasonably priced, especially since you’d be hard up to find many of the beers on B Too’s menu at any area specialty store. The food…I’ll just say for now that it’s one of those experiences where everything just blows your taste buds away, a definite wow factor. I plan on dragging DC’s Food Czar Shawn Keeley there on my next visit, in order to write a review that does B Too’s food the justice it deserves.

Beers at B Too

Troubadour Magma and Sterkens White Ale: A Couple of the Beers I Enjoyed at B Too

Overall: My first experience at B Too was incredible, and I recommend this place to any beer lover. If you haven’t been exposed to the world of Belgian beers yet, go to B Too, immediately. You will not be disappointed. The staff is friendly, the atmosphere is great, and the selection is unmatched.

Until next time, stay thirsty DC.

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