Travel Week Begins – The Newport Folk Festival
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Happy Travelling from the Editors of

With a week left before August Recess, we wanted to help you out with your summer travel plans!

Our very talented writers here at have compiled articles that showcase their favorite travel tips, ideas and destinations.  They each worked on specific articles that applied to their concentration areas.  For example, if they write about health they focused on exercising on vacation or if they write about restaurants or wine, they will showcase a great food or wine vacation.

To spice up this week, we would love for you all to send us your favorite trip ideas or pics of a beautiful destination and at the end of the travel week, we will compile your entries into a final article.  The best trip or idea will also be entered in to win a prize.

We hope these articles help spurn a trip for you this summer!

First Up…


The Newport Folk Festival

by Nobody likes Ringo

The Newport Folk Festival occurs every year right before recess – the last weekend in July. Though a well respected and renown festival, Newport is an amazing festival because it is not the most popular destination for the summer festival seeker.

Many of those who came up summering on the east coast know Newport to be a quiet and quaint town filled with antique stores and sleepy family restaurants. But for the three-day weekend of the Folk-Festival Newport comes alive, er, decides to folk really hard until last call (1 a.m.).

Getting out of D.C. and up to Rhode Island is quite simple. The cheapest flights are on Southwest out of BWI. If you are thinking that driving to the fest is not a horrible idea, think again. Though Google Maps will tell you it is only a 6 hour drive, the ride usually clocks in at about 9 frustrating hours across countless toll-roads and traffic jams.

Southwest flights tend to be around $100 for a one-way ticket – if you are okay with sacrificing a little sleep for your savings (we usually fly out on the 6:15 a.m flight). Getting to BWI is fairly simple, even if you are doing so early in the morning. Just hop an Amtrak at Union Station or a MARC train if it happens to be the middle of a weekday.

Having now attended the festival on my own and with a group of people, my recommendation is to experience Newport with a group. It not only makes your shared experiences more special, it also makes things cheaper. Instead of having to pay for an expensive cab or shuttle from Providence Airport, you can split the costs easily among a group of 3 or 4 (cabs from PVD to Newport run around $80).

Once in town, you will hopefully have had the foresight to get a bitchin beach house or a rental not too far off the main drag. The town is quite small but being in a big group house very close to the bar/late night action greatly improves your experience.

Assuming you have the house rented, your tickets purchased (they sell out quickly but are decently priced for a festival of this caliber at about $60 a day), and a group put together, the rest of your coordination will be seamless.

Getting the festival itself is a transformative experience that really prepares you for a festival unlike any other on the summer circuit in the U.S.

Instead of driving a rental car to the huge parking lot surrounding Fort Adams, pay the $5 for a water taxi. Being whisked across the bay while looking at yachts and sailboats moored in the harbor really makes for a surreal entrance into a different kind of music festival.

At the fest, your music choices will be plentiful. As will your stages. Originally built for the Revolutionary War, Fort Adams provides picturesque views throughout. You can watch a band on the main stage (Fort Stage) or head inside the quad to watch a set inside the fortifications itself.

Every which way you turn you will be confronted with top notch music, beautiful vistas, and a laid-back smattering of in-the-know music fans. A perfect way to begin your August recess a week early.

Unfortunately the timing of the Newport Festival and our travel week did not coincide.  This article is also part of four part series that includes a look at all the sights and sounds of the Newport Folk Festival.  But I hope it pushes you to look at other great festivals that take place this August/September locally and nationally to include them in your travel plans. You can find a list of the festivals left this summer at Music Festival Junkies.   A few on their list that stand out are Lollaapalooza and Burning Man.  If you want to stay local The Takoma Park Folk Festival and The Rosslyn Jazz Festival get great reviews.

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