28 Truths About The DC Gay Scene

Washington is a unique place, filled with career-obsessed binge drinkers if you believe what you read (ok, maybe that’s true). But DC is also home to a massive gay population, complete with it’s own quirks. Here’s a quick look at the dc gay scene.

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1. You were more excited for the DOMA decision than the new Katy Perry song.

2. Tourists stare at you holding hands with another boy.

3. Summertime means skipping out of work to head to Rehoboth.

4. Listening to your friend talk about being Metro Weekly Coverboy, like that’s a thing.

5. Meeting Mz. Lena Lett is life-changing.

6. When you found out Apex was becoming a lesbian bar

7. Open bar, open bar… OPEN BAR!!!

8. How you pictured yourself at BYT/Spandex.

9. How you actually looked.

10. When a bachelorette party shows up at Secrets.

11. The Freshmen at 18+ night at Cobalt.

12. Buying drinks at Town.

13. In fact,  anywhere that’s “Cash Only”.

14. Twilight Tuesdays.

15. Convincing straight boys that Nellie’s is just a sports bar.

16. Winning “Dialing for Dollars” at Jr’s on showtunes night.

17. MOVA….

18. Fighting your way to the bathroom at Nellies.

19. Relationship status update: SINGLE.

20. You went home with a guy from NoVa?!?!

21. Remembering the guy’s name the next morning.

excited animated GIF

22. Then realizing he was born in the 90’s.

omg animated GIF

23. Getting the ‘all-clear’ from Whitman-Walker.

24. Someone suggests a brunch spot that doesn’t do bottomless mimosas.

25. Sunday Funday!

26. Monday Morning.

27. When people ask if there really is a gay mafia in D.C.

28. NY and SF gays think they’ve got it all, but just remember the Capitol would collapse without us.

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