Biker Barre Review

Biker Barre is a boutique fitness studio on the Hill that I’ve wanted to try for some time. The studio space is in a converted row house a few blocks south of the Eastern Market metro and upon entering you immediately feel relaxed by the lobby and individual changing rooms.

The Classes

They have spinning classes and barre classes (ballet inspired workouts that involve a ballet bar attached to the wall).  The spinning classes and the barre classes are a great exercise regiment on their own but quite a few women at the studio pair both types of exercise and are able to do both easily before or after work.

My experience

Despite having no ballet skills to speak of, I decided to try one of the barre classes. (“Open Barre” which welcomes beginners).  Maggie H., our bubbly instructor that taught my barre class, made me feel at ease immediately and, to my relief, the studio was filled with (mostly) women of all ages and fitness levels, so I wasn’t the only non-ballerina!

Along with 5 other students, Maggie led us through a barre workout that included typical moves such as planks and pushups as well as dance inspired plies, a lot of leg and butt moves and some arm work with light weights. It was amazing that my legs could burn so much with so little movement. Unlike most workout methods, barre is comprised of tiny movements, little more than a twitch, where you may kick a leg behind you and then pulse it no farther than an inch. After “pulsing” 40 times or so, your legs are shaking!


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It was especially nice for a beginner like me to have such a small class. We all had enough space at the ballet bar, I could see the teacher at all times, and it was less intimidating than a huge crowded class. The music was a mix of country and pop and kept the class upbeat and smiling through our pain!

Since going to Biker Barre, their exercises have inspired me to incorporate some of the moves into my overall gym routine.  I find that the small controlled movements deliver just as much burn!  But doing the exercises on my own doesn’t compare to the class environment at Biker Barre!

I’m glad to have finally tried Biker Barre and I will definitely be back!

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