7 Places To Go During The DC Zombiepocalypse

With The Walking Dead premiering this Sunday, here are some ideas of places to escape to in case Washington, D.C. ever finds itself in the midst of a Zombie Apocalypse!

1) Hijack a DC Duck and head to the middle of the Potomac. Zombies can’t swim. Right?

The DC Duck is a larger than normal vehicle and rides higher above the ground. Take your DC Duck to Theodore Roosevelt Island. The best thing you can do during a zombie attack is live on an island, mostly because there is no way a zombie could get to you. First, you have to make sure you kill any zombies that are on the island. Then, you have blow up the island’s footbridge and you’re good to go. Just make sure you protect yourself from other Zombiepocalypse survivors.

Theodore Roosevelt Island Map

2) The National Cathedral.

If God can’t save you here, who can? That, and maybe a piece of an earthquake damaged gargoyle will take out a few of the living dead. This cathedral is on top of a hill. You can take zombies out using what snipers call an “Eagle’s Nest.” It’s the perfect location, being that it is elevated and has a clear 360 degree vantage point.

3) Dupont Underground.

Not many people know about these tunnels, so as long as you can get over the creepy darkness factor, you may be pretty safe down here, or will at least have fewer zombies to kill.

Photo credit: Jim Swift/Bomble.com

4) Smithsonian Castle.

A good vantage point for tumbling corpses along the mall, and good for siege warfare. Plus: has a gate structure in the back. You only have to worry about the front. Another good location for a lookout/sniping position.

Photo by Eric Long.

5) Hidden Bunkers of DC

In a groundbreaking series of reports in 2010, Washington Post reporters Bill Arkin and Dana Priest revealed that 33 building complexes for top-secret intelligence work are under construction or have been built in Washington, D.C. Here’s one at the Greenbrier.

6) The nearest gun store in Virginia.

With DC’s strict gun control laws, you’ll need to get your hands on some good zombie killing weapons quickly! Maybe use the DC Duck to drive you there.

7) The Israeli embassy.

Israel seemed to have a pretty good handle on things in World War Z. Well, for awhile at least.

Places to avoid:

1) Adams Morgan. The loud music emanating from bars may draw the zombies closer.

2) The Pentagon. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to deal with any military-trained zombies.

3) The metro. If it’s still working, I can imagine the zombies will have a field day down here. Plus, there is usually only one exit (two at best).


4) Pentagon City Mall. Though this will be a beacon of free food and merchandise, the fact that there will be a lot of touristy zombies roaming the halls should make you think twice about setting your sights here.

5) The Old Post office building: While this locations would seem viable because of its high tower, it’s too close to downtown and the zombies.

6) Washington Monument: You’re screwed. Going up and down would a) take forever and b) there’s no long term food solutions here. Only good to get picked up by helicopter. Better off getting out of town.

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