Our 2014 State of the Union Drinking Game

Next Tuesday, January 28, President Barack Obama will address Congress in his annual State of the Union speech, a tradition that dates back to our Founding Fathers. It’s only customary that we provide our own enhancement — The 2014 State of the Union Drinking Game!

We’ll be live tweeting and call out drinks from our @ClotureClub handle using the hashtag #SOTUgame.

Rules: Like any other drinking game, one drink equates to a gulp. Some events require two drinks.

*** Update: George Takei even shared our SOTU game! ***

[button link=”http://www.scribd.com/doc/201729124/Our-2014-State-of-the-Union-Drinking-Game” size=”large” target=”_blank”]Click here to download the PDF for print![/button]

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