Cloture Club’s 2014 Oscars Drinking Game!

Okay movie fans, it’s time for OUR Super Bowl. That’s right, next Sunday (March 2 at 8 PM on ABC) is the 2014 Academy Awards! So we at Cloture Club, always ones to make our favorite nights extra special, decided to come up with our own Oscars Drinking Game! Like you needed an excuse anyways.

For our drinking game, it doesn’t matter who you’re rooting for. All that matters is that you have your favorite beer, wine, or mixed drink handy because things are going to get crazy (especially if McConaughey’s alright alright alright has anything to say about it).

We’ll be live tweeting and calling out drinks from our @ClotureClub handle using the hashtag #OscarsDrink.

Rules: Like any other drinking game, one drink equates to a gulp. Some events require two drinks.

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Our 2014 Oscars Drinking Game

2014 Oscars Drinking Game

Drink one time if:

    [list type=”check”]

  1. Whenever Ellen starts dancing.
  2. Anytime someone fawns over Meryl Streep
  3. If someone stumbles while going to accept their award. Drink 2 if they wipe out (a la Jennifer Lawrence)
  4. If someone cries while accepting their award
  5. For every time Matthew McConaughey says “alright”
  6. [/list]

Drink two if:

    [list type=”check”]

  1. When an award winner says “I am the captain now”
  2. If a presenter butchers a nominee’s name (like Chiwetel Ejiofor or Lupita Nyong’o)
  3. [/list]

Special rules:

    [list type=”check”]

  1. Finish your drink and start crawling around if Leonardo Dicaprio wins for best actor
  2. Keep drinking and pretend like you don’t know where you are if Cate Blanchett wins for her performance in Blue Jasmine.
  3. The camera pans to Jennifer Lawrence for a reaction, drink 2 and scream “I Volunteer”
  4. [/list]

Recognition: – “Cloture Club put together the best drinking game we’ve found”

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