Game of Thrones: Political Edition

With the season four finale only days away, we can’t seem to get the Game of Thrones characters out of our minds. Is it just us or do these politicians fit perfectly into our favorite fantasy world?! After all, what has more backstabbing, name-calling, and bloodshed… Westeros or Washingteros… Amiright? We present you our Game of Thrones Political Edition.

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Ned Reid

Harry Reid / Ned Stark

Brace yourselves!

The Kingslayer

Dave Brat / Jaime Lannister

The Red Election… AmIRight?

The Mad-He-Lost-King

Eric Cantor / The Mad King

Vincent Grayjoy

Vincent Gray / Theon Greyjoy


Petyr Podesta

John Podesta / Petyr Baelish

The man behind many plots.

Samwell Farenthold

Blake Farenthold / Sam Tarly


The Imp

Barbara Mukulski / Tyrion Lannister

Don’t be fooled by size.

Ted Bolton

Ted Cruz / Ramsay Bolton

Cunning. But watch out.

A White Talker

Joe Biden / White Walker

These creatures are a big f*@king deal!


Hillary Clinton / Daenerys Targaryen

Leading her people to the free world… in 2016.

Paul Ryannister

Paul Ryan / Tywin Lannister

Always pays his (national) debts off.

Mitch Bolton, Warden of the Senate

Mitch McConnell / Roose Bolton

Fought alongside the tea party, than ultimately won a decisive victory against them. The Kochs send their regards…

King Gowdy

Trey Gowdy / King Joffrey

After being tapped for the Benghazi select committee, he’s like the king now right?

The Wildling
Game of Thrones: Political Edition


Yoder / Hodor

Yoder… Yoder… YODER!

We know we probably left out a few, but feel free to create your own and let us know in the comment section below! Big thanks to Jacob, Sam, Zach and Rebecca Graves for contributing.

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