Movie Lovers! Don’t Miss The DC Shorts Film Festival September 11-21!

Running from September 11-21, the DC Shorts Film Festival is a movie lover’s dream. In its 11th year, the Festival has become one of the premiere celebrations of short films in the United States and is well on its way to becoming an official qualifying festival for the Academy Awards! The eleven day event includes everything from screenings around the DC area, to workshops, Q&As, and of course… what is a festival without some AWESOME parties?! If you can’t make it out to any of the local theaters to see the films on the big screen, you can also pay to watch many of the films online. The people over at the Festival have literally thought of everything.

Through a painstaking, meticulous selection process, a committee of volunteers combed through over 1,400 submissions to select 135 short films for the Festival. These films span several genres and originate from 25 countries! Programmers then crafted 90 minute shows, featuring groups of shorts that are specifically curated to mesh in each showcase. Tickets to each showcase are $12 + service fee (online) and $15 at the door. There are also free lunchtime shows in case you want to pull a Don Draper and take a movie break during the work day!

Below are a few of my favorite shorts, but honestly, after watching many of these films, you can’t go wrong with any showcase!


The Gunfighter (Comedy)

A gunfighter walks into a saloon, but the film’s voiceover has other goals in mind. (Show 13; Free: Funny; Online)



Animating The Void: Erasing Michelle From “Full House” (Documentary)

What would the sitcom “Full House” have been like without Michelle? A man sets out to find out with unexpected results. (Show 14; Online)



Deserted (Drama)

On their final assignment as officer candidates, two women trek through a harsh desert landscape when one suddenly remembers she’s forgotten something crucial. (Show 10)



The Ring Cycle (Drama)

Having just been told that her husband wants a divorce, a woman struggles to let go of their relationship. And yes, that is Natalie Dormer from Game of Thrones and The Tudors! (Show 3)



One-Minute Time Machine (Comedy/Sci-Fi)

Hoping to impress a pretty girl, a nerdy scientist shows off his one-minute time machine. (Show 1; Free Lunch: Sci-Fi, Superhero Screening; Online)



The Silly Bastard Next To The Bed (Documentary)

A retired Air Force officer realizes he was at the center of a huge political scandal during the Kennedy administration. (Show 3; Free Docs; Online)



Manny Gets Censored (Comic Drama)

When a heartbroken man’s world is censored, he struggles to adapt to his new, G-rated lifestyle. (Show 4; Online)

Manny Gets Censored


A Stitch In Time (For $9.99) (Comedy/Sci-Fi)

Set on finding out if her coworker likes her, Laura visits the discount time travel lab to get a peek at her future. (Show 14; Superhero; Free Lunch: Sci-Fi; Online)




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