The 14 Sexiest Scenes (in GIFS) From The FIFTY SHADES OF GREY Movie!

Despite being quite a bit tamer than the book, FIFTY SHADES OF GREY was everything it should be: entertaining, empowering (yes, Ana knows what she’s doing and takes control of the situation when she needs to), and most importantly, HOT. Fans of the book will certainly be satiated. However, with an “R rating”, and public fervor surrounding the story’s sexier bits, it’s surprising that director Sam Taylor-Johnson didn’t go even further with the sex scenes. There were a few times when I thought, “I’ve seen more graphic scenes on GAME OF THRONES”. But don’t worry, this film is still really steamy.

Of course there were some eye-roll worthy moments… especially in the dialogue, but I am happy to report that the movie was even better than I expected. Dakota Johnson is phenomenal as Anastasia Steele. This is her film and most assuredly a break-out role. And of course, Jamie Dornan was sexy as hell as Christian Grey. Although sometimes his American accent was a bit distracting, so was his six pack, let’s be real.

But enough about my review, let’s talk about the 14 sexiest moments from FIFTY SHADES OF GREY.

UVA Girl Dancing GIF

1) When Christian finds Ana in the hardware store and asks her to help him find some… interesting items (tape, cable ties, and rope… oh my!)

fifty shades of grey hardware scene gif

2) Ana and Christian’s first kiss in the elevator because “f*ck the contract”.

ana and christian fifty shades of grey elevator gif

3) Of course, the first time they have sex, which is her first time ever!

Anna and Christian kissing fifty shades of great couch

4) Whenever there were cuts to one of Christian’s fancy ties being used like this:

fifty shades of grey tie bondage gif

5) When Ana and Christian dance together to Frank Sinatra’s “Witchcraft“.

ana christian dancing fifty shades of grey gif

And because I can’t help myself…

ana christian dancing fifty shades of grey gif

6) That super hot piano scene. :fans self:

piano scene fifty shades of grey gif

7) When Christian has to carry Ana back to her room after a particularly intense sexual encounter.

christian carrying ana fifty shades of grey gif

8) When Christian transfers the wine from his glass into Ana’s mouth using HIS mouth (and has fun with ice).

ana christian kissing fifty shades of grey gif

9) When Ana and Christian take a random walk in the forest and kiss, because hey why not?!

fifty shades of grey forest gif

10) Whenever Christian gets over himself and his problems and sleeps in the bed with Ana.

fifty shades of grey ana christian bed sleep

11) When Ana and Christian discuss the “terms” of their contract. Ana showed she wasn’t so submissive.

ana chrsitian fifty shades of grey

12) Christian showing up in Savannah, GA because he can’t be without Ana for long AND he takes her up in a glider.

ana christian fifty shades of grey glider plane

13) When Anna has her first intense bondage experience in the Playroom. Remember, “yellow” and “red” bb!

fifty shades of grey ana bondage gif

14) Basically, just whenever Ana and Christian are together, it’s too much to handle. Thankfully both sequels have already been green-lit, so we will be getting a lot more of this:

Anna and Christian kissing fifty shades of great

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