In stalking our favorite sports reporter, @ScottSAllen, we thought we would pull some fun facts from a recent recent media tour of the Nationals Park:

#1 – Nationals partnered with Sam Adams on 10 year anniversary IPA, only available at Nats Park.

#2 – There’s a new 10 year badge at the center field (main) gate:

#3 – There’s a new bar, Captain Cove, behind section 132.

Source: @ScottSAllen

#4 – New Restaurants

Virginia Biscuit Company (Section 113) will include ham, fried chicken, steak biscuit sandwiches:

And Virginia Crunch, which will have Virginia peanuts, popcorn, and bourbon glaze bacon.

Source: @ScottSAllen

#5 – Red seats in the outfield to signify home runs

#6 – The nationals have a speakeasy, Club 24.

Honors the last World Series DC team in 1924. Seats range from $78,000 to $95,000 per season. 3 year contract. Yikes!

Source: @KelynSoong

#7 – New Norfolk Southern scoreboard:



#8 – Ryan Zimmerman’s 2008 walk-off landed on opening night, seat marked in blue:

Source: @ScottSAllen

#9 – July 19 is Star Wars Day at Nationals Park.

Mark it down! First 25,000 people will get this R2D2 coozie:
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Source: @ScottSAllen

#10 – If you’re lucky enough to be in a suite, they have android tablets so you can purchase food, merchandise and call the attendant.

#11 – In teaming up with the Libary of Congress, the Nationals have an American Baseball exhibit behind home plate.

Source: @ScottSAllen


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