And Ode to Washington

And Ode to Washington

O, Washington,
You are as intricate as can be,
A city that rivals no other,
I came clueless, young, and carefree.

You taught me directions,
the difference in quadrants, circles, and parks.
You taught me patience in handling all of the snark.
The happiest of hours spent with friends after work,
talking politics and prose, as we drank and we spoke.

A city on the rise with ideas and purpose,
a city on a Hill, of equality and justice.
Policy wonks, creatives, a cluster of culture,
from Capitol Hill to Shaw, a palate of life.

Flags from the states, the nations, and schools,
this town brings the best, and also some fools.
You trusted me to walk the steps of our nation’s past,
to experience what was once old, and now history,
to taste the foods filled with mystery,
and to smell the scent of sweet freedom.

Summer days spent wine-ing on the waterfront,
Winter nights, fireside, debating life at the biergarten.
You taught me to live in the moment,
to relish in friendships old and new.
Not a day passes I regret uprooting my life,
you taught me to live, and to live just right.