Drink Company, the team that brought you Miracle on 7th Street, Cherry Blossom PUB, & Game of Thrones PUB, is at it again with its newest pop-up installment, PUB Dread. This Halloween version of the PUB (pop-up bar) offers Washingtonians a chance to visit a haunted house bar to “celebrate Fall & Frights” the entire month of October.

If you braved the long lines to get into this summer’s GOT PUB, you’ll know that Drink Company now utilizes the three spaces formerly known as Southern Efficiency, Mockingbird Hill, and Eat the Rich, to feature different themes in each room.

Upon entering PUB Dread, you will find yourself in what resembles a haunted forest — complete with over-sized spiders (is this the Forbidden Forest? Is that Aragog?) and tree trunks with eyeballs. Walk through the swampy stretch, and in the back of the first room you’ll find the “Crypt”, where you can get your photo-op by lying down (standing up) in a couple of Dracula-esque coffins.

If children’s dolls give you the creeps, best of luck entering the second room, the “Doll House”. A countless number of dolls line the walls, but the impressive animatronics steal the show; the possessed doll swinging from the ceiling is perfect for your Boomerangs, and the multiple haunted morphing portraits are Disney-Haunted-Mansion-worthy.

Haunted houses not your thing, but feeling pressured because your friends want to go? Good news: you can rush through the first two rooms and head straight to the David Bowie room. Unless you’re afraid of cotton candy, neon lights, disco balls, and, well, David Bowie, you’ll find this room to be your safe haven as you’re transported back to the era of “goth-glam-disco”.

If your mission is to populate your Instagram and Snapchat stories, then it will surely be accomplished. However, Drink Company offers up some tasty treats to go with its tricks. The David S. Pumpkin should satisfy your basic needs, “Brains” allows you to drink from a skull, and “We All Float Down Here” & “(Fang drink)” come with toys you can wear and keep. So muster up your courage (or drink it in liquid form), celebrate the season, and be sure to visit PUB Dread by the end of the month.