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Established in 2009 by two former Senate staffers, Cloture Club was created to be a grand central for information that Hill rats and DC folks would enjoy. A hub for the need to know. The first two staples were events and jobs, but more and more content seemed to flow from our creative writers. Expanding into restaurant reviews, fashion, election coverage and more, there's a subject here for everyone!

Our Team

Arnie Thomas

Andy Heaton

Sarah Glenn

Shawn Keeley

Agatha Wein

Alex Benedetto

Missy Marsh

Jean Schindler

Lauren Bradshaw

Clay Battin

Zachary Graves

A Hill Staffer

Emily Egan

Mark Bryan

Kenny Ames

Carrie Ann Alford

Mike Lewan

John Hanlon

Jacob Wood

Chris Baggett



Ranked top DC tweeter in 2012 by The Washington Post Express

Washington Post says we're a "Need-to-read news and views" blog.

The Hill Newspaper calls us a "Washington-insider" site.

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