Established in 2009 by two Capitol Hill staffers, the website was originally created as a resource for job-seekers and rising professionals in D.C. Cloture Club now serves the market with entertainment ideas, restaurant reviews and networking events, among other content. Our weekly digital newsletter reaches about 7,500 subscribers. The majority of active followers are college-educated young professionals working in politics, people who hold great influence among their peers.

What sets us apart from other D.C. websites is our unique content. Articles such as “Muppets in Congress,” which attracted national attention from outlets such as Yahoo!, ABC News, Buzzfeed and Washington Post and more. Cloture Club has created internet favorites like the “Tea Party Insult Generator” and “10 DC Guys We’ve All Dated,” viral content that netted over 700,000+ unique hits each.



Ranked top DC tweeter in 2012 by The Washington Post Express

Washington Post says we’re a “Need-to-read news and views” blog.

The Hill Newspaper calls us a “Washington-insider” site.

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